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New Member Announcement - Rapid Supply

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the AIS Group. Known for their exceptional supply service catering to various industries and companies, from mining to construction, Rapid Supply has built a reputation for being 100% customer-driven. They have developed a unique range of offerings designed to streamline operations and simplify the procurement process. Notably, their client portal provides a one-invoice, one-stop-shop service, ensuring seamless ordering and tracking for their valued customers.

Screenshot 2023-07-05 150403.png

With a steadfast commitment to leaving no stone unturned, Rapid Supply diligently sources and supplies the finest products tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Whether it's packaging and hospitality supplies, drill & blast consumables, chemicals, specialised engineering products, construction materials, PPE safety wear & equipment, or everyday hand tools, Rapid Supply boasts a comprehensive inventory.

Their objective is to establish long-term partnerships with businesses, guaranteeing that every brand, product, and solution they provide meets the highest quality standards. Comprising experienced and qualified professionals, Rapid Supply prides itself on partnering with renowned brands in the industry. Their dedicated team is readily available to offer valuable advice, provide support, and present tailored product solutions to their esteemed clientele.

We warmly welcome Rapid Supply and are confident they will seamlessly integrate into the group!

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