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Kincrome Jack Recall

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Attention all Kincrome Hydraulic Lifting Vehicle Trolley Jacks owners! Kincrome has issued a product safety recall for certain models of their hydraulic trolley jacks. It has been found that these products do not comply with the mandatory safety standards, posing a serious risk to consumers. Please read the following information carefully:

Why the product is recalled:
The Kincrome Hydraulic Lifting Vehicle Trolley Jacks have been recalled due to non-compliance with the mandatory standard for trolley jacks. Specifically, the warning notice labelling on the product fails to include the full key warning that the jack must be used on flat, hard, level ground.

The incomplete warning labelling poses a significant danger to consumers. Incorrect use of the hydraulic trolley jack can result in a vehicle collapsing, leading to serious injury or even death.

Action Required:
If you own one of the affected Kincrome Hydraulic Lifting Vehicle Trolley Jacks, it is imperative that you stop using it immediately to prevent any potential accidents or injuries.

Check your product label for the affected batch codes. The following models are included in the recall:
   - K12060 1350kg
   - K12161 1850kg
   - K12162 2000kg
   - K12168 2000kg

   Affected products can be identified by the batch codes listed below:
   - KJT082101
   - KJT082102
   - KJT082103
   - KJT082104
   - KJT082105
   - KJT092101
   - KJT092102
   - KJT092103
   - KJT092104
   - KTJ0922
   - KGT1020
   - KGT0521
   - KGT0921
   - KGT1021

If your product is among the affected models and batch codes, there are two options available to you:
   - Contact Kincrome directly to arrange the receipt of a permanent label that you can affix to your trolley jack.
   - Return the product to Kincrome for a replacement.

Dates sold:
The affected Kincrome Hydraulic Lifting Vehicle Trolley Jacks were sold between 25th December 2021 and 25th April 2023.

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. Please take immediate action if your Kincrome Hydraulic Lifting Vehicle Trolley Jack is part of this recall.

For more information, contact Kincrome Australia Pty Ltd by phone 1300 657 528 or email

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